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About Stellar Astrology

There are more than one million astrologers in India and abroad whose livelihood is dependent on this. However, StellarAstro.com is much concerned making your lives better through proper astrology guidance.Our main motto is to re-establish the old glory of ancient Astrology once again by spreading the knowledge of this divine science, and I am very proud to see the success of True Indian Astrology.

We were able to find the missing links of true Astrology practiced a long time ago by sages of ancient India in Vedic period. This was something like the findings by famous astrologer from south India K.S. Krishnamurthy who founded KP Astrology. In fact, the dogmatic, rigid and ritualistic approach of the practitioners of astrology resulted in creating doubts in the minds of the people about its efficacy. Astrology, no doubt, will remain an enigma if the attitude of astrologers will continue to be rigid and their minds closed to the realities of life. We need to learn to discriminate.

A moment can’t be defined as an hour or even a few minutes. How then the Rashi Chart or even the Navamsa chart can delineate the nativity of a person. Neither the planetary positions nor the aspects, nor the yogas change; and even the Varga charts may remain the same. No two human beings are alike in the universe whether they are the progeny of the same father and mother, even twins have different fate born within second of time gap at same place. Each Horoscope, therefore, has to be unique. In ancient times, seers used to construct and analyse charts to the accuracy of a few seconds of the ascendant. StellarAstro.com is using their calibre to the best of our ability and using this sacred knowledge to provide benefits to all of you.

Our client, so much impressed by our efforts in astrology with greater efficacy in prediction, pin pointing the Timing of events, invited us to visit their country for giving lectures on astrology. Today we send a large number of horoscopes of different modules by courier and e-mail 24 x 7 round the globe. We are the mind behind the development of some K P Astrology software for Desktop as well as web application.

We are getting a lot of visitors worldwide seeking true and accurate Horoscope reading on various topics (Career, Marriage, Love, Financial, Medical, Yearly Varshaphal, Vaastu etc.) along with articles like Rudraksha, Gemstones, Books. Though StellarAstro.com is mainly focused on the advance Stellar Methods (KP Astrology) and KhullarCuspal Interlinks (which is beyond the KP system and far better) to predict the Horoscope. We would also like to warn you not to try the services offered FREE by anyone, this may be cause for your fall and may finished you fully as it might contain inferior, inappropriate or harmful suggestions like the computer viruses. Think simply; why someone is offering you something free if it is worthless? Don’t get attracted by false advertising of FREE horoscope Reading or something else. Just trust the reputed astrologerfrom India or in the global market!

StellarAstro.com expresses great respect to Mr. SP Khullar for teaching us those principles of Nakshtra and its divisional Astrology. Stellar Astrologerare always dedicated to the research work in the field of true astrology.

With Phone Consultation we analyse Horoscope, at an affordable price, never compromising quality, reliability and accuracy. We use software for the mathematical calculations, then an experienced Astrologer gives a holistic interpretation after several hours of focused, insightful consideration so that your birth charts makes sense

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