Do you have a desire to learn ASTROLOGY?
Are you already practicing ASTROLOGY but want to refine your skills?

Achieve excellence in predictions based on scientific approach, uncanny sense of judgments—Pinpoint timing of events.

We do not claim ourselves that we are the best, but what we practice, follow make us distinguishable from other school of ASTROLOGY all over the world. We are some of the few Astrologers from India, who practice Stellar ASTROLOGY which is the True form of ASTROLOGY practiced in ancient India by Vedic seers. This is popularly referred as KP System now-a-days, which is highly acclaimed for its accuracy in predicting the time-frame of events. Our researches led us to rediscover the facts/rules in Nadi scripts lost during the invasion. Those who learn and practice these principles are likely to be tomorrow’s leading astrologers and are expected to enjoy a widespread reputation for their accurate, practical and insightful predictions.

As you must have experienced that accuracy of the time period of the events is difficult when you use Traditional or any other system of ASTROLOGY. KP can give you a precise ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ answer astrologically to your questions. To overcome the above and similar short-comings of the conventional system, KP comes as savior. There are definite rules in this system. You can test on small events from day to day life before applying to the major events in your and your client’s life.

Our motto behind this teaching activity is to make better Astrologers with excellent logical analysis & grasping power. So, we teach to only those who have strong learning capabilities and are honest enough in their profession. Those who are engaged in the activity of selling gemstones, yantra, mantra, etc. could never gain command over these excellent & infallible ASTROLOGY principles.

KP Horary ASTROLOGY: This course contains more than 60 charts for discussion along with all other queries and charts put by you for discussion. Horary system is preferred more than natal chart due to its accuracy and correct prediction. This will enable you to learn all the rules of KP system. You will also get full command over timings and transits.

  • Advance Predictive KP ASTROLOGY: This is all in one (complete) for online Astrology learning program. Join this Advance Predictive Stellar ASTROLOGY course for duration of 1 year.

HIGHLIGHTS for complete course:

  • K P Basic (Sub Lord Theory)
  • CIL (Sub Sub Lord Theory)
  • Horary Astrology
  • Birth Time Rectification
  • Timing Events (Dasha & Transit)
  • Medical ASTROLOGY
  • Research ASTROLOGY
  • More than 150 charts for learning

Duration of the course depends on the time spent in studies and the comprehension ability of the student.




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K P Basic (Sub Lord Theory)

3 months @ 1 hour in a week


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INR 15,000/– only

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CIL (Sub Sub Lord Theory)

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Birth Time Rectification

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Timing Events (Dasha & Transit)

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Single Session*

1 hour/session

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Advance Predictive KP ASTROLOGY (Complete course)

1 year @ 1 hour in a week

US$ 900 or

INR 42,000/– only

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If interested to join our course please revert back for further information or a demo class. Please take care to pay course Fee in advance before your session starts.

*Single session will be held as many times as you wish. It is helpful to those who are expert but want to clarify their doubts about Stellar / KP / CIL astrology principles, if any.

**DEMO class is helpful to decide whether our online course is useful to you to achieve excellence in successful astrology predictions. If you decide to join our course, then amount paid against DEMO class will be adjusted in total fee.

***Actual charges in US$ will be less than the amount shown depending upon the currency conversion rate on that particular day.