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We know at the time of death impressions (Samskara) of previous lives remain attached with soul. Due to these impressions, soul is bound to reincarnate. As per impression accumulated in previous lives, soul chooses a very particular parents, family, society, country etc.  So in true horoscope these should be reflected besides many other individualistic elements. Co-relation with society, country etc can not be ideally established for want of data required for true horoscope of the same. But a true horoscope must exhibit relationship with parents and other family members. In medical science such relationship is known as Genetic relation. Further, True horoscope should show individuality & sex of the native. And, the planetary position should certainly confirm the event of birth of the native at that very moment besides many other aspects and events related to him.

It is difficult to measure accurate birth time Astrologically by any doctor and it is closely related to the first breath the child takes after coming out of the mother’s womb. The selection of the time of the birth is controlled by the life given by the planet sun (Self) and moon (Not self) and the position of the planet in the various but specified degree of the zodiac. As Varahamihir said, “the planets offer a lawful channel for outward operations of cause & effect equilibrium that man has set into motion in the past as a free agent.” Corresponding to the birth time a particular degree, minutes and seconds will rise in the eastern horizon at the place of birth. This we call as Ascendant and based on this and the latitude and longitude of the place of the birth, other cuspal positions are formed. Each cuspal position in the horoscope represents certain aspects of the individual’s life. Ascendant stands for one’s individuality, personality, temperament, physical structure, state of health, longevity, name and fame, virtues, capacity to face struggles of life, direction and aspects of life in which the native will channelize his energies; proneness to untoward happenings.

The True Horoscope has to be unique for each individual.

Now a days all charts on which our Astrologers depend are based on panchang. Softwares available in the market which have no link with the above thought’s of uniqueness, they generate 100 types of charts for confusion or just to please clients. For example, if a person is born on 1st Jan 2006 at 2.10 am in Delhi. The astrologer casts the chart and starts making predictions believing that only this person above has taken birth at this time. That is, no effort is made by the astrologer to check the correctness of chart by verifying Genetical connections and other parameters. We do not subscribe to this approach. We spend lot of time to fix the correct horoscope for each person.

“How precise that we age going to measure an Ascendant” is the factor that would ultimately decide the accuracy of a horoscope. THAT IS WHY BRITH RECTIFICAITON IS A MUST FOR ACCURATRE PREDICTION. It depends upon the capability of astrologer, his patience, high grade special softwares. (Excerpts from HACI by Shri S.P. Khullar.)

Point to ponder : There could only be one Mahatma, one Buddha, one Tagore one Newton & one Prophet Mohammed in the entire span of human history. Why………???

Rectification method: The Major events of one’s life are taken and then matched with the horoscope made on the birth details provided by the native. The whole horoscope is analyzed and if the events do not match then the time is adjusted to make the horoscope which matches with the events of life. Also it should establish the genetical connection with blood relatives. However for astrologers also it is not so easy particularly in other system of astrology but in Cuspal Interlinks Theory, it is quite possible to rectify the birth time which is close to the very moment of birth. Once time-closed-to-birth-moment is found, it is very easy to cast a horoscope or matrix simulating destiny. We require important life events which could had brought positive or negative effects in your life as these events are a help tool into preparation of this report. These major events could be following:

  • Winning or inheriting some wealth or fortune.
  • Distinguished promotions in business, work.
  • Status of Education (higher degrees).
  • Achievements in Education 
  • Educational Qualification 
  • Awards
  • Litigation
  • Purchase/sale of Property or Vehicle
  • Purchase/sale of Vehicle 
  • Ups and Downs of health
  • Hospitalization
  • Accident 
  • Travel to foreign land 
  • Ups and Downs of Career 
  • Love/breaking up of relationship
  • Time of Engagement / Marriage 
  • Change of residence 
  • Winning of lottery etc.
  • Date of birth of children
  • First employment
  • A financial wind falls