marriage report

  • Marriage Report – We will help you find your life partner
  • Have you tired of Kundli Milan? Curious to find out how Married Life will be?
  • Not married with whom your horoscope matching score was more than 20 points?
  • Have Astrologer predicted for marriage, but still alone?

Leave all those trivial methods and suggestions of traditional Pundits. We’ll clearly tell you that this native is destined to Marry with that partner. Forget fallible methods of Ashtakoot Milan or Mangalik Consideration… Believe in Cuspal Interlinks method of Stellar Astrology.

In traditional mach making Moon is matched: either its Nakshtra or Sign. Think about the ridiculous thing that Moon takes approximately 1 – day to transit the star. How can it be said that Particular Moon sign native horoscope matches with other’s horoscope.

In Cuspal Interlinks which is the advance branch of stellar method, we look at natives unique sexual traits to match with others and we are very much sure that this native can only enjoy the sexual relationship with him or her. Try our Marriage Match service.

Marriage is considered as the most sacred occasions in one’s life. It brings a sense of maturity, responsibility and completeness of life. Marriage contributes towards the enhancement of social status of a person. In Hindu customs it is believed that a person repays his/her forefathers through their child, and marriage is the first step in that. Thus, marriage is a connection between the man and the society. Marriage is the most important ceremony in an individual’s life and consequently in our society. Marriage astrology gives details about compatibility, details about ups and downs in married life and the amount of love between couples, sexual compatibility, charms and divorce and so on.

Analyzing the horoscope for marriage, calls upon the Astrologer to look for answers to the two most important questions:

  1. Is the native promised marriage?
  2. When the marriage will take place, if it is promised.


  • Will it be love or arranged marriage?
  • Will there be delay and impediments in marriage?
  • What will be the physical and mental characteristics of the partner?
  • What will be the financial status and career profile of the partner?
  • Will the partner enjoy long and healthy life?
  • From which direction and locality the partner will come?
  • What will be the quality and longevity of married life?
  • Is the partner capable to perform sexual act?
  • Is the partner capable to procreate?
  • If you need to make a choice, whom do you choose?
  • How your married life would be?
  • Will your engagement break?


  • Will you or your partner have extra marital affairs?
  • Is there Any chance of Separation or Divorce?
  • Is there any chance of second marriage?

For those who are already MARRIED this report will help you to gain insight to how your married life will be in coming years. What kind of periods you will face will they be a a good phase or will they not be good. When will the things improve in your married life.

Each and every possible question will be answered through the personalized Marriage Report. Get to know all about your married life and if facing any problem then this report could be most important for you to overcome all marital life related problems.