Khullar CIL

I am fortunate enough that I learnt Cuspal Inter Links (CIL) theory and its application directly from Mr. S.P. Khullar (I.T.S., Rtd.) in classroom at Jhandewalan, New Delhi on weekdays during 2005 to 2012.

I bow my head to his Lotus feet thousands of times.

He is very much clear in his ideology and never blame anything for excuse. When I have started journey as a classical astrologer in 1996, I was wondering about astrology because there are hundreds of thousands of texts. There are lakhs of rules that would imply on some horoscopes and would not apply on some of the horoscopes. An open-minded person like me may think how astrology could be termed as Science.

Mr. Khullar sir research become a boon for those astrologers who want astrology to be a science – the golden rules of Interlinking of planets and Interlinking of cusps. These rules are very much clear and remains valid everywhere.

One can learn the subject of cusp interlinks astrology easily. Its application needs practice and labour. However, it becomes complicated task for astrologers to master the subject of Khullar astrology cusp interlinks. Some of serious astrology learners mastered  this astro-science under his able guidance. I am also one of them. Thanks to the principles, philosophy & techniques provided by our Guru Shri SP Khullar.

Sub Sub arc is ultimate division in Khullar system of astrology, and Cuspal sub sub lord* is the causative agent who interacts with other Cusps (Bhava).  The inter-relationship of Cuspal sub-sub lords with another Cusps/Bhava is termed as Cuspal Interlinks (CIL).  In Cuspal Interlinks Theory Mr. S.P. Khullar has uniquely described all about the interaction and inter-relationship of Cuspal sub-sub lords.

Every sub sub lord establishes relation with other cusps and Bhavas in a definite way.  A Cuspal sub sub lord (i.e., a planet) establishes relationship with other cusps because of its Stellar Status and Positional Status.  Nature of such established relation of Cuspal sub-sub lord and cusp is further specified and modified by the sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord.  That Cuspal sub-sub lord is meaningfully related with that cusp or not; it is revealed the sub-sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord.

A planet relates with other cusps or becomes significator of that cusp(s) where lord of the star of a planet appears in the Cuspal position.  It is termed as the planet involved the cusp through its star lord.  Likewise, wherever sub lord of the planet appears in Cuspal position, it understood that the planet committed to the cusp through sub lord. If this committed cusp is in favourable position with respect to involved cusp then we say that the planet is fruitful significator of the involved cusp (where planet’s star lord has appeared).  The Sub Sub Lord of Sub Sub Lord of planet will declare the culmination of the involvement and commitment of the planet.  That is, Sub Sub Lord of Cuspal Sub Sub Lord is a planet that gives hint of fruitfulness of the significationship of the planet for involved cusp(s).  Clearly, a planet becomes significator and gives result of only those cusp(s)/ Bhava where star lord of the planet appears.  It becomes fruitful significator of those cusps if the planet is favourably committed.

What are the Rules in Khullar Astrology or Cuspal Interlinks Theory?

There are mainly 10 rules proposed by our Guru Shri SP Khullar:

(1)    A planet gives favourable result of a bhava (= house = cusp) involved through star lord if the said planet is committed through sub lord to favourable or supporting cusps/Bhava with respect to involved cusp and entrusted through Sub Sub Lord to favourable or supporting cusps with respect to involved cusp / Bhava.

(2)    From involved cusp, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th Cusp/House is unfavourable, 2nd, 6th and 10th Cusp/House is neutral and 1st, 5th, 9th and 11th Cusp/ House is favourable.

(3)    Star Lord shows involvement and Sub Lord Commitment.

(4)    Star Lord Proposes, Sub Lord disposes.

(5)    Sub Sub Lord indicates the final result.

(6)    A native enjoys significations of only those houses to which Ascendant Sub Sub Lord maintains relation.

(7)    A promised event happens in the joint period of planets that are fruitful significators of those cusps.

(8)    Vimshottari Dasha is sequential in nature, which has a hidden meaning.  Each succeeding period can enact the event only if proceeding Dasha Lord permits that event.

(9)    Transit agreement is shown by the way of signification and excitation of relevant cusps in the natal chart.

(10)    Progression also has to be in accordance with the events in the natal chart.

*Now Cuspal and Planetary positions are taken upto prana level with the development & enhancement in calculations by True Astrology Software.