KP Astrology 1

The propounder of KP Astrology is Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti who was born at Thiruvaiyaru (Lat.10 48N; Long 79 15 E) a short distance Northeastward of the town of Thanjavur in Tamilnadu.

The 12-Signs are together allocated 27 Nakshatras or Stars hence each sign is allocated 27/12 stars and each star is having a span of 360 degrees / 27 or 800 minutes. This is the basic traditional approach to create sections in each sign so as to infer a specific effect or event. The stars in each sign are being owned by other planets. The only exceptions are Jupiter and Sun as they have their own star in their own signs. All other planets as Lords of specific signs do not have their owned stars in the signs allotted to them.

The modality or concept of this distribution of stars has been improved upon based on the computation of the Vimshottari Dasha system to create smaller sub sections in each star based on the number of years allocated to each planet in the Dasha system.

The word Sub has latched on as the basis of precision in KP. It is very obvious that in a Sign of 30 degrees or 1800 minutes span, a star is 800 minutes, and 2-1/4 stars are allocated to each sign hence the level of precision was only to this extent but if you sub-divide 800 minutes across 7-Planets and 2-Nodes then precision is in place to explain within those 800 minutes.

All the cusps with their repective Sign-Star-Sub shall denote the designed events for each house. The Sign-Lord defines the overall nature of the house, the Star-Lord gives more information concerning events for the house. The Sub-Lord by its ownership of the houses shall define whether the events of that house shall be favourable or not. In all such analysis their respective placements in the chart will modify the results.