KP Astrology

According to K.P. planets occupying a certain star, gets connection with the bhava occupied by the star lord and becomes a significator to that bhava in the first order and also the bhava owned by the star lord, provided they are vacant. A planet will be in the sub of some planet, who decides to offer good are evil results.

If a planet has become the significator to the 1st bhava, i.e., the lagna bhava, it promises long life, success in his attempts, and helps to keep good health provided if its sub lord is not significator to the 6th or 8th or 12th.

Therefore, every planet has to be examined under the sub lord signification for favourable or unfavourable results in store for the native and for a particular event matter. If the sub lord of a planet is not significator to either 6th, 8th or to the 12th house matters, the native will be fortunate to enjoy the fruits of life, better than a highly educated person.

Suppose a planet is the significator to the 7th house, it indicates matrimonial matters, and if it is in the sub of a significator to 2nd or 11th, he gets married during the Dasha, Bhukti, Antra periods of a planet in such a sub, whose star lord signifies 2nd or 11th. K.P. did another jump of entertaining a divisional value for the star lord in which a planet is posited that is sub divisional lord to execute or decide a matter. So, planet ‘A’ in the star of ‘B’ and in the sub of ‘C’, who is a decider to give favourable or unfavourable results. Planet ‘C’ of planet ‘A’, if become the significator to the other marital houses 2nd or 11th, the planet ‘A’ who is a 7th house significator comes forward to unite the native with the other sex, that is marriage.

Krishnamurti Paddhati

The cusps denote whether there is success of matter queried is promised or not, and the significators of the relevant to the houses, point to the time of fruition of the event. The star lord of planet may show any one walk of life to the native. But it is the sub occupied by a planet that decides whether that area is advantageous or not. The same principle should be applied to the cusp sign lord, cusp star lord, and the cuspal sub lord (CSL).

The K.P. system says, that if a native is born with the cusp of the ascendant rising in the constellation of the 6th or 8th house lord, he will not have sufficient immunity and resistance power against infections and diseases and he is easily susceptible to epidemic disorder. Please remember this.

If the sub lord of the ascendant cusp is in the star of the 6th lord, or 8th lord or in the 12th lord, the person will be sickly, because the ascendant always indicates the health of the native. The sub lord is the deciding factor. As the sub lord will signify its star lord’s position and his vacant bhavas in full, one must understand, that if the star lord of the ascendant sub lord is related to the houses 6th or 8th or 12th as per his star lord, the sub lord will work in tandem with his star lord. This is the crux in K.P. system. Is it not enough to show that K.P. has a modified way of approach from the old testaments?