Horary Astrology Workshop


Duration: 3-5 Sessions* | Each session = 1 hour 20 minutes | Flexible schedule

*Number of classes depends upon time devoted in subject as well as passion to learn the techniques. It may change as per learner’s situations.

Timing:   4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Saturday & Sunday)

Place of Study (Mode): Online -Virtual Classroom environment

System Requirement: Laptop/PC or Smartphone with internet, Zoom, Webex or Meetings application

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline & certified astrologer

Medium: English & (or) Hindi

Advantages: Fully interactive Live classes like actual classroom with real time questions-answers, real birth charts discussion every day, recording of live classes accessible to you to replay whenever you wish.

Teacher Astrologer: Acharya DK Bhaskar

Why choose Online Courses at Stellar Astro Research Point?

We are the leader in teaching of Astrology online. Acharya DK Bhaskar is a great teacher-astrologer have been on panel of expert astrologers for a longer period in New Delhi. He is a  legend in the Stellar Astrology field.

Certification: After successful completion of this course learner will be awarded with participation certificate from Stellar Astro Research Point.

Workshop New Batch: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

Next Batch Starts: 1st June 2021


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About this course:

To break the complexity of human life into smaller chains to delineate particular aspect, birth chart works fine. It is a herculean task to analyze the natal chart though software programms does the mathematical portion correctly upto seconds. However, the natal chart in some cases remains doubtful for want of correct input like correct date/time/longitudibnal position of birth. Horary astrology places the astrologer in a much comfortable position in comparison to the natal birth chart. It also works perfectly for those who have no record of their birth time or doubt about its correctness. Horary Astrology Workshop will enable astrologer to answer specific questions of a person. Horary system is preferred more than natal chart due to its accuracy and correct prediction.


Syllabus of Horary Astrology Workshop:

Horary Astrology

Need of horary astrology, Casting of horary charts, Parameters of horary charts, Philosophy of horary astrology, Instant Prashna chart, Use of Seed Number or Horary number, use of 1-249 in KP and 1-2193 KCIL.


Procedure to analyse Horary chart

What is fixed ascendant, how to rotate chart and read it, genuineness of horary chart, analysis of chart for promise, check for fulfuilment of desires, time the event, Ruling Planets..

6 Real horary examples for discussion.


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