Khullar Astrology CIL Course


About this course:
This is the ultimate course in Astrology. It lays the foundation of astrology. The Khullar Astrology CIL Course – CIL Sub Sub Lord. It is closed system and less but definite rules that application is universal. However, this is the inter linking of complex planetary as well as Cuspal position. This makes astrologer a certified professional to be able to rectification of birth chart and pinpoint the events leaving uncanny means.


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Syllabus of Khullar Astrology CIL Course:

Introduction to Cusp Inter Links Theory                                      – 3 Session

Philosophy of Cuspal Inter Links need to switch over to Sub Sub Lord, Calculation of Sub Sub Area.

Application of Cusp Inter Links                                                        – 2 Sessions

Stellar status & Positional status, Potential & promise of Cusps, Nature & Significance of Cuspal Links.

Application of Ruling Planets (R.P.)                                               – 2 Sessions

Birth Time Rectification, Timing minor and major events.

Horary Astrology based on Sub Sub Lord Theory                    – 2 Sessions

Casting Horary, Checking genuineness of chart, Analysis for Promise of Query, Timing promised events.

Analysis of Ascendant                                                                          – 1 Session

Potential of Ascendant, What Ascendant promises for other houses.

Analysis of 2nd House                                                                          – 1 Session

Financial Status, Sources of gain or loss of money, Diseases of Eyes, Speech etc.

Analysis of 3rd, 4th, 5th & 9th House                                              – 2 Session

Communication, Journey, siblings, Basic and Higher education prospects, Subject of study, House, Property, Mother, Children, romance, stock, sports etc.

Analysis of 6th & 8th House                                                               – 3 Sessions

Nature, Time period of Disease & cure, Nature, Time period of accident, jail, death etc., Disease, Accident, Jail, Death etc.

Marriage and Married Life                                                                – 2 Sessions

Characteristics of the Partner, Timing Marriage, Divorce etc., Plurality of Sexual relationship, Second Marriage, unique method of matching by CIL

Analysis of 10th, 11th & 12th House                                                   – 2 Session

Nature of Profession, Financial, Administrative status, Ups & Downs, Gain & Loss

Timing Events                                                                                         – 2 Sessions

Fixing Dasha, Bhukti, Antara etc. for event, Transit of Planets and fixing time of events.


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