gemstone consultancy

Gems are crystalline minerals or petrified material that can be used as a distinct and advantageous remedial measure in astrology. Out of a total of more than 2500 different minerals, only about 60 odd are commonly used as gemstones.

Colours, Precious gems, Yantras and Yagnas are also influenced by planetary configurations at the transits which highly influence the lives of the natives in all spheres of human activity particularly health, career growth, prestige, happiness, including marital bliss, financial gains, business acumen and most important of all personal relations and long life. Just as the use of right type of medicine can cure a patient similarly the right choice of gems can make life more smooth and pleasant.

There are different types Gem Stones. Along with the Traditional ones, there are Astrological, Mystical, AyurVedic and a Modern list of stones. While the traditional ones reflect the 15th century traditions, the mystical stones are of Tibetan origin and the AyurVedic stones, associated with ‘AyurVedic’ an Indian system of Medicine are over thousands of years old.

One can control the body’s energy-flow by diverting the negative impacts and increasing the positive influence of the planets governing the horoscope. The prophetic capability of astrology is enhanced by the ability to make remedial recommendations. Most of the astrologers follow the same age old principles of recommending the Gem Stones which represent the Ascendant (rising sign), the Fifth lord, the Ninth lord or the Moon sign lord, and avoiding the gem stones for the planets who are the lord of the 6th, 8th and the 12th lord. This is why most of the time people do not get any positive effects.

Stellar Astrology expert team will study your horoscope thoroughly and do the necessary calculations up to the sub sub lord level (SSL–the further sub divisions of Nakshatra) and arrive to the best conclusion for a your horoscope. Gem Consultancy Report will provide you the information on the Gemstone which is must to ‘arouse’ the qualities that a person needs to become success.

There is particular procedure to be followed while wearing a gem stone:

  • Weight of gemstone.
  • Right Metal.
  • Time, Day, Date and other wearing Instructions for the Gem  Stone, to be worn on   which specific areas of the body to get positive results·
  • Mantra for wearing to keep it pure as well as energized over a period of time