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Profession is a key aspect of one’s life. Generally a person does not know in which field he/she should make his/her career. A person choose a field of hot and lucrative feld but that may or may not make a successful career even after doing associated course or doing a lot of hard work. And after some time he/she switches over to another field.

Acts, hobbies, likes and dislikes of a person may lead to a number of professions but the fact remains that ultimately one has to be in a particular profession to progress in life and that it is very difficult to indicate or pin point. Breaking the traditional barriers of getting into the same mould as the ancestors were in, people now-a-days are on the hunt for a profession where they can set their own benchmarks. Not only in terms of income but also in terms of acquiring high status in the society and establishing a public image.

In today’s highly competitive world, a number of professions have emerged due to advancement in Science, Technology, Sports, Medicine, Agriculture, Education, Media etc. making it more difficult for a native to choose a field to pursue his/her career.

It has also been seen that a few people find themselves incompetent for a profession they are into. They had sought such profession only because either they were forced into it or circumstantially they had to choose that profession. At such juncture one wants to change to some other profession to fit into easily and put best efforts to get the maximum output. 

Career Report is a wonderful guide for those seeking to learn more about their desired job. Study of your personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, creativity and ability to earn money, and work in relation to your career is given. An Astrological Career Report points out tendency and possibility of success in the area of career and job. It can also point more than just one job which will bring success & luck for the native.

Your Career Report will include expert opinion by answering your questions like:-

  1. Will I get the job of my choice?
  2. When will I change my Job
  3. Will the change be for betterment or not?
  4. Will you get the desired raise, salary increment?
  5. Am I going to be promoted?
  6. How and when will the things improve?
  7. Any transfer or change in nature of assignment?
  8. Will I be suspended from service? When will I be reinstated? 
  9. Any Foreign travel associated with work?

This report will also suggest unique astrological remedies which will help you to overcome the obstacles in your life. You can also mention any other particular question(s) related to the career to be covered in this report.