Birth Time Rectification Workshop


Duration: 3-5 Sessions* | Each session = 1 hour 20 minutes | Flexible schedule

*Number of classes depends upon time devoted in subject as well as passion to learn the techniques. It may change as per learner’s situations.

Timing:   4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Saturday & Sunday)

Place of Study (Mode): Online -Virtual Classroom environment

System Requirement: Laptop/PC or Smartphone with internet, Zoom, Webex or Meetings application

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline & certified astrologer

Medium: English & (or) Hindi

Advantages: Fully interactive Live classes like actual classroom with real time questions-answers, real birth charts discussion every day, recording of live classes accessible to you to replay whenever you wish.

Teacher Astrologer: Acharya DK Bhaskar

Why choose Online Courses at Stellar Astro Research Point?

We are the leader in teaching of Astrology online. Acharya DK Bhaskar is a great teacher-astrologer have been on panel of expert astrologers for a longer period in New Delhi. He is a  legend in the Stellar Astrology field.

Certification: After successful completion of this course learner will be awarded with participation certificate from Stellar Astro Research Point.

Workshop New Batch: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month


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About this course:

Generally time of birth recorded by doctor in hospital or at home at most could be correct upto few minutes. However, it is different from astrological time of birth which is the moment when soul takes possession of the body in this incarnation as per Karma theory. No two human beings are alike in the universe. Each horoscope, therefore, has to be unique. True horoscope must exhibit individuality & sex of the native, genetic relation besides many other aspects and events.

Scarcely an astrologer bothers to rectify the birth time, owing to this, accuracy in the horoscope remains missing. Birth Time Rectification astrology workshop helps you to use the advance stellar method – KCIL. It is quite possible to rectify the birth time which is close to the very moment of birth.

Syllabus of Birth Time Rectification Workshop:

Introduction to Birth Time

What a birth time is, Pre-natal Epoch – conception, Gestation & Planetary influence


Theories of Rectification of Birth Time

Need of correct birth time, tattva Siddhant of Nadi, Pre-natal epoch theory, Determination of sex, nashtajatakam, Palmistry, Cusps interlinks


Ruling Planets

Introduction to R.P., Application of R.P. in rectification of birth chart, Calculation of Moon’s period, Doubt about – Hour / Day / Months / Year


Process of Rectification of Birth Time

Review of theories, Checking accuracy of birth chart by ascendant & Moon co-rulers, sex determination, Vimshottari Prana dasha, Ascertaining genetical connections, verification of past events


Real birth chart examples for rectification exercise.


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